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About one year and a halve ago, I sewed my first Compagnie M. pattern, a swing skirt.
I was so inspired by the pattern that I decided to make something new out of it: a swing dress.
I kept the superb pockets of the swing dress and also the inverted pleat, but I decided to start the pleat from the upper part of the dress. To finish it all up, I added a Peter Pan collar and finished it with the same binding of the pockets.
Now, one and a halve year later, I made lots of ‘compagnie m.’ creations but I have to admit that the swing dress stays one of the favorite dresses I made for my little Oona. It’s a shame she can’t wear it anymore … but hey, maybe it’s time to sew a new Swing Dress for her.
For those who want to read the Original blogpost of this dress, here’s a link:

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