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I’m back with a Swing Skirt!

I swear, I don’t really sew that much, but I have been sewing quite a bit from Marte’s patterns. Why? I just like them. By now, you may have gleaned that purple is the colour of choice at our house.
Iris jumped on this fabric as soon as it entered our house, but I did want to make contrasting pockets. Thing is, when you just start sewing, you don’t have too much fabric just hanging around, and I certainly didn’t have any plain, solid-coloured fabric, so I decided to go with a complimentary pattern and matching piping. It works, non?
By now, I’ve kind of had it with zippers (I have a Stella skirt that’s going to be in another entry after I redo the zipper), so after checking that the 7 year old waistband will go over Iris’s skinny hips, I just cut the back as one piece and did a full elastic.
This skirt really is the bomb! It has a short playful shape and the kick pleat in the front allows a girl do some ballet moves without showing her underwear.

All the best, Max


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