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Lucy dress


The Minis!

The minis: a small adventure when it comes to sewing skills! When Plush addict became a Compagnie M. patterns stockist they asked me whether I would be interested in sewing with some of their fabrics. Although they have a very big collection…
Compagnie M.

Lucy top with halter straps

Since I'm on holiday at the moment, working is not my priority! ;) But tomorrow a basic version of my Lucy dress pattern will be published in Love Sewing Magazine UK. I got the opportunity to write 4 pages for…
Compagnie M.

Workshop Lucy dress

Two days ago I posed a simple question on Facebook: would you like me to organise a Lucy dress workshop. So many positive reactions! Thanks a lot for being so excited. So yesterday I immediately planned a workshop and a…
Compagnie M.
Lucy DressBlogDress

Lucy dress: a special project to me!

The Lucy dress was maybe the quickest dress I have ever sewn! All you need is a couple of rectangles, some elastic and enough patience to sew perfectly parallel.... Lisa loves her new 'mermaid dress'! What a sense of imagination!…
Compagnie M.