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Coin purse give away

I've been gathering fabric left overs for a long time already and today I finally made some purses with it! And guess what: I'm giving them away... Because it was not an option to make clothes with these small pieces, I deceive to…
Compagnie M.

Peplum bubble dress

With today's post I would to thank An from Straight-Grain! She's the one who convinced me to start my own sewing blog. So one of her beautiful dresses was on my to do list for a couple of weeks already.…
Compagnie M.

Loic dress

A while ago I made this Loic dress in my sewing class. In fact it's a shirt, but with the help of my 'sewing maestro' Karin, we turned it into a dress like the book indicates.   The pattern comes…
Compagnie M.