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Swing skirt | Compagnie-M

Contest - 2015Pattern Hack

Swing Dress

About one year and a halve ago, I sewed my first Compagnie M. pattern, a swing skirt. I was so inspired by the pattern that I decided to make something new out of it: a swing dress. I kept the superb pockets of…
Leen Crombez
Contest - 2015Pattern Hack

de Charles Swing skirt

hoi,  ik ben saskia van KIA,  om mezelf eens een uitdaging te bezorgen maakte ik de Charles salopet in combinatie met de Swing Skirt. Ik ben er helemaal verliefd op! Zo volgen er zeker nog!  groetjes sasKIA
BlogSwing skirt

A little bit crazy?

A few weeks weeks ago I made my denim Swing skirt and the 'flipped culottes'. Stupid me: I choose a size 4 because my first though was that Nore & Lisa already have enough clothes... But then you finish your creations…
Compagnie M.
BlogSwing skirt

Swing skirt

What do you do when you're ready to launch your first pattern but are not yet allowed to do so? Just start drawing a new one, right? When I came back from Romania my head almost exploded because ideas just…
Compagnie M.
BlogCompagnie MaramuresSwing skirt

Hello from Breb!

Hello from Maramures! We made it and it's great! But we kind of already knew that, other wise we wouldn't never have chosen this place for our adventure... So maybe it's more appropriate to say: it's still exactly like in our dreams! Fantastic! After…
Compagnie M.