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Testers call knitting patterns: baby and teenage sizes

By 29/10/2017Blog

Knitting takes more time than sewing, that’s something we all know. As I don’t want to push my testers, I would love to set up a 2nd testers panel. I’m working on a next design and of course I want to test my new pattern intensively. That’s why I’m looking for knitter (Dutch speaking knitters!) that have time the coming weeks to test a new cardigan for me. It’s for kids and suitable for both boys and girls. I’m especially looking for people that can knit for small kids (knitter with models between 3months and 1 year or chest size 44cm to 48,5cm) or for teenagers from 10 – 14 years old (chest 72cm to 84cm). In the bigger sizes it might be best to test for girls as I think teenage boys might not like the design that much. No idea actually. I don’t have boys and especially not a teenager… Sometimes 15yo or 16yo kids still fit the largest chest size as well. So don’t hesitate to measure your teenager!

The only preview that I would like to share at the moment is this one. For more previews on my future knitting projects, you can follow my new Instagram account: @compagniemknits

YOU CAN SUBSCRIBE HERE. Please only subscribe if: 1. You have a model with the sizes mentioned above 2. If you speak Dutch 3. If you have time the coming weeks (you will get 3-4 weeks time to finish the cardigan).

Thanks a lot for your help! And of course I want to thank you for all the sweet comments on the Quokka sweater. If you have any questions at all. Just let me know!

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