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Testers call: who feels like testing my first knitting pattern?

By Thursday,7 September,2017Blog

I’ve made a decision: I’ll be launching my very first knitting pattern soon. You might have read my previous message? I must say that I’m super happy with your enthusiastic reactions. So why not launch a first knitting pattern?

Of course I want to test my work in detail before launching it, so I’m in need of a testers panel. Do you feel like testing my sweater with kangaroo pocket? Feel free to subscribe, but please read this blogpost in detail first.

As this is all rather new to me, I prefer to run the first test in Dutch. So please only subscribe when you are from Belgium or the Netherlands. Thanks! In a later stage I will of course translate my work into English, so every one can try my pattern.

The pattern is suitable for both boys and girls and I’m working on the pattern from 3 months till 14 year!!! So that’s a really wide sizing range, which means I need a lot of testers actually.

I hope to start the test in about one week, just before next weekend. It will run for about 3 weeks. Since you can knit this pattern with needles 10, which makes this a quick knitting project, I guess this will be enough time. If you can’t be part of the first test (because of the timing) feel free to still fill out the form. I added a question whether or not you have time for this first test? If not, I might still select you for future projects!

And of course I can imagine that soms of you are panicking? Oh no, is Compagnie M. switching from sewing to knitting patterns? I can already tell you that I will keep developing sewing patterns too. Actually I have two sewing projects running behind the scenes. So no stress! I just see this project as a good way to challenge myself!

YOU CAN SUBSCRIBE HERE!!! Thanks a lot. Enjoy your creative day!





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