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The big day: the Louisa dress test event

By Monday,16 November,2015Blog

Last week was hectic. I had to prepare for the Louisa dress test event. I invited 28 Belgian and 2 Dutch seamstresses to sew a 2nd test version of the Louisa dress for women at Bar Stark. After preparing the workshop place on Saturday I got nervous. How could I ever guide 30 people to a perfect Louisa dress? All of the sudden I was feeling really insecure. But after my small welcome speech, we started working really hard and I just felt really happy. I was surrounded by 30 talented and super sweet ladies. No idea why I was a bit stressed.

Compagnie-M_Testevent-Louisa 4

I thought that I might turn crazy because of the noise but from time to time it was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. :) The focus level was so high. It’s so great to see that we have so many talented seamstresses in Belgium (and the Netherlands). Everyone was helping each other and I have the impression that we all learned something yesterday. I hope so…

Compagnie-M_Testevent-Louisa 16

I organised the test day for several reasons: at first I wanted to organise a sewing event. At workshops I only invite 8 people, 30 was a great adventure. We have a strong bloggers community in Belgium and I wanted to bring those talented ladies together WITH their sewing machine! Having a Louisa test day was the perfect solution for me too. The Louisa dress is a fitted version. No A-line shape as for the kids’ version. It’s really difficult to evaluate the dress on pictures so I wanted to see the fit in real life too. You can see some previews on the pictures and I will show my own dresses soon. This week we’ll organise two photoshoots and from next week I’ll present you the five Louisa’s I’ve sewn so far. I even have 2 more ideas I want to show you, so I think you’ll see enough Louisa dresses for women soon to get inspired.

Compagnie-M_Testevent-Louisa 11

Compagnie-M_Testevent-Louisa 7

And I have more super exciting news for you. Lotte Martens has designed a screen printed fabric panel specially for the Louisa dress for women! Really! For this pattern! I still can’t believe it. A panel that will be available from the 7th of December too (and probably soon in pre-order too). A perfect panel to sew yourself a Christmas / part dress. I won’t give away all details yet, but you can see a small preview on my Instagram account or in this blogpost. :)

Compagnie-M_Testevent-Louisa 5

I still can’t believe that the launch of the Louisa is approaching. Because of the event (in combination with a regular pattern test) I know exactly what I want to change and I’ll add a chapter in the instructions on how to make adjustments to the pattern when you’re measurements are divided over more sizes. I’m sure that will be really useful.

Compagnie-M_Testevent-Louisa 9

I would like to thank everyone that was part of the great sewing day yesterday! I will never forgot this amazing day. After emptying the workshop place again today, I got a bit emotional. I wish we could organise this every week! Some already asked for a reunion, so ladies: I hope to see you again soon. Thanks a lot for everything: for the great day, for helping me test the pattern, for inspiring me with great fabrics, the small talks in between,… THANKS!

Compagnie-M_Testevent-Louisa 20

And of course a special thanks for Katelijne too! Bar Stark is the perfect location for these type of events or workshops! Can’ t wait to be your guest on the official opening of the MonDepot shop. Who’s joining me? You can subscribe here

Compagnie-M_Testevent-Louisa 18

Compagnie-M_Testevent-Louisa 21


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