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The bow collar

By 16/03/2017Blog

Sometimes I just don’t find the energy to take pictures of my creations. I have so many ‘unblogged projects’. You can’t imagine. But then all of the sudden spring is in town and we all get a vitamine D boost. That’s what probably happened this week. So let’s catch up and show you some older sewing projects!

After I posted a detail of this dress on Instagram, I got a lot of positive reactions. I’ll share this free collar soon, but I’m waiting for some fabrics to arrive from the US. :) So be patient! I didn’t forget that I promised to draft this new pattern piece. It’s on it’s way…

Now let’s get back to the dress. I was wandering around at the thrift store when I potted a Van Hassels dress in the same fabric as one of my all time favourite skirts. It was a size 46. I though: let’s squeeze a dress out for the girls. My god! It was more difficult then I thought to get all pattern pieces out. I had to open all the seams and darts. It was quite some work, but now that I see the result, I’m happy that I did.  At the back I left the original blind zipper in the dress and reused it. That’s an optimal re-use of a thrifted piece, right?

I started from the Louisa dress pattern, skipped the big pocket and for practical reasons had to cut the fabric in two pieces. Afterwards I added one patch pocket and started experimenting to get a bow collar. In ‘integrated’ one, as I don’t like it when it when a bow starts turning while wearing. I’ve sewn the top in between the neckline and added two blind stitched to keep the lower corners in place.

We ended up with a rather stylish dress and Lisa absolutely wanted to present this one with her ‘princess shoes’. I love it how the girls start thinking along when it comes to photoshoot props!

We didn’t need anything else but some sun and a beautiful smile! Thanks Lisa!

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