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The Compagnie M. sewign contest: 3 categories, 9 prize packs… worth 3.245 euro in total!!!

By 04/11/2016Blog

Three years ago! That’s when I started selling my first Compagnie M. pattern and today I’m introducing my 3rd sewing contest and my 21st sewing pattern. When I write this I can’t hardly believe it. 21 patterns is a lot. But designing a coat is something very special. Designing 2 coats in a row is even more satisfying! So why not organise a contest dedicated to sewing children’s coat?


The contest is open to everyone around the world, it includes 3 categories and 9 prize packs worth 3.245 euro in total! You can find more details on my Contest 2016 page, but here is what it’s all about is a nutshell.

You can choose one of these categories and participate in one or more categories, one time or several times. I guess no one will sew 7 coats like I did? ;)

  1. Plain & simple Louisa: all Louisa coats without twists will be categorised here.
  2. Plain & simple Lewis: all Lewis coats without twists will end up in this category. Even when you sew the Lewis for girls. Adding one of the Louisa collar (for a girl for example) is not a hack and will be categorised as a plain & simple Lewis. Make sure to check out Laurence’s coat in my pattern launch blogpost!
  3. Louisa & Lewis pattern hacks: all hack will compete here. You can see three examples of hacks here: I adjusted the pocket, Sylvia changed the closure and Katrijn adjusted a small touch to the collar. But feel free to hack the pattern even more…


A plain and simple Louisa coat


A plain and simple Lewis coat by Laurence


A hacked Louisa coat: new pocket


A hacked Louisa coat by Katrijn: new collar

compagnie-m_louisa_coat_sylviaA hacked Louisa coat by Sylvia: new closure

What about prize packs? Of course I REALLY have to thank my sponsors first. Without your support, no contest! THANKS THANKS THANKS!!! Most prizes are sponsored by Compagnie M. stockist. Thanks ladies! I also have some prizes that are not sewing related. I will show the prizes more in detail the coming weeks, but you can find more info on my Contest page too. Who doesn’t like to win amazing fabrics, books, a photoshoot, a fabric design workshop,… I can go on for a long long time! Since I have prizes worth about 3.245 euro in total, I’ve divided these over 9 prize packs. This gives you a bigger chance to win something. But in the end every participant will receive a 20% discount code valid for 3 months. This way everyone wins a bit! ;)

We’ve set-up a new contest blog page like the one we had before (if you can’t find the new one, there are not entries yet!). When you send us an email with your creation and a short text we’ll put these blogposts online for you. You can enter till the 4th of December 2016. This gives you 4 weeks to participate. Afterwards a jury of fabric shop owners and bloggers will pick the winners. Stay tuned: this contest will provide a lot of inspiration!!! What more do I need to say? I wish all of you a lot of success!

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