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The Compagnie M. sewing contest

By Sunday,26 January,2014Blog, Contest

Ever since I launched my first pattern, I’ve been dreaming of a Compagnie M. contest. I think it’s wonderful to see what you create with my patterns. With this contest, I would like to invite you to push boundaries! Pick a Compagnie M. pattern you like, create something unique with it and get a chance to win one of the 5 awesome prizes. Sounds like fun, right!?


You can find all the details about this sewing contest on my Contest Page, but basically this is how it works:

Sew your own interpretation of a Compagnie M. pattern (Louisa dress, Mara blouse, Swing or Stella skirt). When doing this, you can just follow the pattern but you are also allowed to modify a pattern in order to create something completely new. The contest starts now and you have until February 16th at midnight (CET timezone) to publish your creation on my blog.

You read this right! We’ve set up a special way to show your work. Under the Contest Page, we’ve created a second blog! One that will be filled (hopefully) with your creations! So is your Compagnie M. oufit ready? You can find out on my Contes tPage, how you can add your creation the contest blog.

And what prices are there to win? Nice ones! I can’t thank all my sponsors enough. I’m really grateful to receive these amazing prices worth 680 euro all together!!

1st prize (220 euro)

Myra’s work is hard to describe. So unique! She makes the cutest pictures ever of your precious kids! This first prize is a studio photo-shoot in her studio in Leuven (Belgium). With her colorful backgrounds and attributes, she makes pictures that make you smile! You create the outfit, she chooses the setting and together you can work towards some unforgettable snaps.  You will never forget this one-hour session, I’m sure!


2nd prize (160 euro)
  • The Fabric Stash: €50  voucher (fabrics, patterns or notions)
  • Georgette: €25 voucher (fabrics, patterns and notions)
  • De Bonte boom: €25 voucher (fabrics, patterns and notions)
  • Compagnie M. vintage button pack: 6 x 12 buttons from my personal collection
  • Imagine Gnats: $30 voucher ( fabrics and patterns)
3rd prize (130 euro)
4th prize (100 euro)
5th prize (70 euro)
  • Swoon: $20 voucher (patterns)
  • During 1 year you will receive all Compagnie M. patterns for free.

So I give you 5 chances to win!

Griet from Emma & Mona (BE), An from StraightGrain (BE), Hayley from Welcome to the Mouse House (US) and Rachael from Imagine Gnats (US) will evaluate your work.

And your votes also count! When you go to the Contest blog, you can like the posts by clicking the little heart icon! These like will count for 20% in the first round! You can vote as often as you like (but only once per blogpost).

I hope you like to participate and if you like to share this contest go ahead! Just click on the social media buttons above and you can share this contest with all your friends! Thanks a lot and of course: happy sewing!! Can’t wait to see your creations!


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