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The Crazy Tailor – Mara + Knit = LOVE!

By Friday,1 August,2014Mara-contest

I don’t know why I haven’t made more of these!
I used the Mara pattern to make a blouse for Project Run & Play (season 8) but it was long-sleeved, and hasn’t been worn much this summer. Then when I was trying to decide on which fabric…my Stenzo Jersey was calling to me. So I went with a woven yoke (modified with snaps instead of buttons) and then used the Stenzo for the rest of the blouse.
I should have known better than to make the usual size, so next time (and if anyone else dares to try this!) I’ll remember to size down! It turned out so lovely! I did finish the neck and armholes with woven bias, and made my own gingham bias for the contrast. Since I’ve bought my Kam Snaps and pliers, I don’t think I’ve sewn hardly any buttons on! They are just so easy, and in so many great colours!
So there you have it! A knit Mara! Head on over to my blog, www.thecrazytailor.com for more sewing goodness! http://www.thecrazytailor.com/



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