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The Dadirri cardigan: the intro of a new knitting pattern

By 28/11/2017Blog

When the Quokka sweater was launched, I was already working on a new pattern… The Dadirri cardigan knitting pattern! I’m so in love with the coin (or blister) stitch, that I absolutely wanted a cardigan for the girls with this technique. I had used it before in a monochrome cardigan for myself, but I had never tried to make a version with two colours.

It took me a couple of days to get a perfect colour combination. In the end I fell in love with the contrast of the rust-orange and the mint blue. By coincidence I had the perfect buttons in my stash!

Finding a matching T-shirt was more difficult. That’s why I decided to make one. Or to be honest: I bought the T-shirt and added the word ‘happy’ to it. To make this word art, I made a braid of the yarn from the cardigan and afterwards I’ve sewn it on the T-shirt… by hand! Yes, it took me more than one our to have a perfect result, but I’m super happy with it. I even made some tutorial pictures that I will share soon.

Now let’s get back to the Dadirri cardigan. If you want to see how the coin stitch works, you can have a look here. I used this video to do my first tests. Actually it’s still a combination of knitting and purling, just in a slightly different way. So don’t let the structure scare you. It’s an easy technique with a stunning result. During the test, I again made a mix of beginners and more advanced knitters and they all succeeded to finish their Dadirri. See what I mean!?

The rust yarn is the super cheap Laura yarn from Veritas. I combined it with a more expensive one from Quince & co bought at Julija’s shop a long time ago.

Just as with the Quokka pattern, this is a custom fit knitting pattern that is calculated from your gauges (stockinette and coin stitch gauge) and the measurements of your kid. For the yarn you can choose a needle size up to about 5,5. A bigger structure is not really beautiful in combination with the model. Especially not for smaller kids.

I will launch this pattern tomorrow or on Thursday! Exciting right! It will be available for kids from 3 months till 14 yo and yes, it’s an unisex pattern again. I will share some pictures of the testers on my new Instagram account to show you the their results.┬áHope to welcome you tomorrow in my shop!

PS/ Dadirri means ‘deep listing’. Something I’m working on…. It was Luka Bloom that inspired me to pick this name for my pattern.

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