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The forgotten project: a Jackie coat!

Last winter I’ve sewn this Jackie coat. I’m still in love with the result and as I was going through my pictures on my computer, I realised that I never even showed you my version of the Jackie pattern. To be honest, I think it’s because I was struggling at the time. Totally out of the blue, our girls both had to wear glasses and in the beginning I really couldn’t get used to the idea. I think that’s why in the end I never showed these pictures. I know it sounds stupid, but after one year and after changing their glasses to ‘real ones’ I finally got over the idea. Really: it took me this long. You will see that nowadays I will sometimes add the glasses on pictures, sometimes I don’t. That’s just because of reflection reasons, as I think Lisa and Nore look stinking cute with their new glasses now. :)

Compagnie-M_Jackie 3

Compagnie-M_Jackie 1

Back to the Jackie! I think (but I’m not sure at all) that the fabric is from Mon Depot. The teddy I bought at Bambiblauw. Although I never ever use purple, I loved the combination with the mint blue a lot. At Veritas I found the perfect matching buttons.

Compagnie-M_Jackie 2

Compagnie-M_Jackie 4

I will be sewing myself a similar coat in ‘Compagnie M. yellow’ soon, as this is the topic of my new sewing course this year: making myself a coat was on my ‘to-sew’ list for a long long time already and tomorrow evening I will finally trace the pattern. Hooray!

Compagnie-M_Jackie 6

Compagnie-M_Jackie 5

These pictures were taken with my mother’s phone at the zoo, as you can tell. But still I think it was worth showing you the result!

I hope no one got disappointed, since I got the impression from my preview post on Facebook that some of you were hoping for a Compagnie M. coat pattern. Well: maybe next year I can pick up this project again? I still get a lot of request for my own little coat pattern. But for this year I think it’s already too late to launch a winter coat pattern. Especially since I’m still focusing on the Louisa for women first. I can hardly believe it myself, but the pattern test is turning out very positive. My first women’s dress will be released soon in about 4 weeks time. :)




Oh looking at these pictures makes me very emotional. How small and stinking cute! This is Lisa about 2,5 years ago! My goodness: time flies…

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  • Delphine says:

    Hun nieuwe brillen zijn meer een geheel met hun gezicht dan hun oude, ik vind ze veel minder opvallen en het blijven heel mooie meisjes.
    Maar ik snap het wel, het bruidsmeisje op mijn trouw had haar brilletje ook niet op gekregen van haar mama, al had het mij zeker en vast niet uitgemaakt.
    ps: je eigen jasje is ook super!

  • Time sure flies! Your girls have gorgeous coats. They do look very adorable in their glasses. As a mum I understand the shock when all of the sudden your child requires an intervention.

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