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The Frederique dress: pattern launch! + FREE SHIPPING

By 15/02/2017Blog

I’ve always loved wrap dresses and today I can add a new one to our pattern range: the Frederique dress for girls from 1 – 10yo. And for button lovers like me I added a button-up option too!

The Frederique dress is an A-line wrap dress. You can play with many options to give this dress your own touch: princess seams, two pockets types, two collars, two sleeve lengths and special cuffs. Or go all the way with a reversible dress to create two different styles at once. Enjoy this versatile pattern!

You can see my three Frederique dresses in my previous blogposts. I made three example dresses with the new pattern: a full-option wrap dress, without round details like the collar, pockets, princess seams and cuffs OR a reversible option to combine two matching fabrics. A more classical Frederique with asymmetrical buttons is the last example. Which one do you like most? Personally I don’t have a favourite!

I’m not going too much in detail, so make sure to check out my previous blogposts or go to our shop immediately!

Before moving on to more exciting news, I would like to thank my testers!!! Every time I draw a new pattern, they respond in such a positive way. It gives me a lot of energy. THANKS ladies. Make sure to check out the hashtag #frederiquedress to see their first previews. You’ll love them!

We don’t have a 10% discount code this time BUT we have an even bigger surprise. Every order over 30euro in Belgium or our neighbour countries is send FOR FREE!!! The discount is being calculated automatically, so you don’t need a discount code! So when you order from Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and the UK, don’t forget to check out our other paper patterns or wallet kits.

Maybe you’re interested in the Lewis coat pattern on paper too? It’s a pattern that has just been released today. We had it printed together with the Frederique. And if this isn’t enough great news, I can also tell you that two new languages have been added to the Louisa coat pattern: French & German.

So actually we have several new products in our shop!

Compagnie M. Frederique Dress paper sewing pattern
Compagnie M. Lewis Coat paper pattern

On Monday a pattern tour with a great line-up starts. Next week I’ll link up to about 21 amazing Frederique dresses. Whoot whoot! You can follow the tour here on my blog or on the new Compagnie M. inspiration feed on Instagram. On this account I only show your creations. If you ever share a Compagnie M. garment, make sure to use the hashtag #compagnieminspiration Maybe I’ll feature you too?

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