The Harley top and the fake ‘spaghettiiii’ smile

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When I saw this wonderful Birch fabric at Bobby Sewing I just had to buy it. At first I planned to make a Candy dress (La Maison Victor) out of it, but in the end I decided to keep it for myself. From the same magazine I choose the ‘easy peasy’ Harley top. I think almost every Belgian seamstress has tried this pattern so I don’t want to go into detail too much.

Compagnie-M_hayley_top 1

I measured myself and I was right between size 40 – 42. I’ve sewn the smallest size but in the end I took 2cm away on both sides, so I think a size 38 would even have been better.

Compagnie-M_hayley_top 2

I traced the new size already but didn’t find me yet to make another Harley so far. Probably a great visit from Nina and her family has something to do with it. She stayed at my place for a couple of nights and we had the best time ever together. I’m so happy that I went to Paris and got the chance to meet her there.I have the feeling that we are such close friends already. I hope we’ll find time this summer to visit Nina and her family in Switzerland. :)

Compagnie-M_hayley_top 3

Now back to the Harley top. As you can see I had a perfect coordinating fabric in my stash to finish the sleeves and neckline. :)

Compagnie-M_hayley_top 4

Nore absolutely wanted to join me during the photo shoot. When I look at this last picture, I really think Nore resembles a lot to me. Don’t you think? Same type of hair, eyes and fake smile! We say: spaghettiiiiiiii!!!! :) :) :) A more natural picture is the one with the three of us! I can hardly carry both of my girls anymore: 40kg all together! The perfect workout for my arms. ;)

Compagnie-M_hayley_top 5

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