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The Janne dress: a first knitting project

By 11/05/2017Blog

Update: in the meantime, I’m selling knitting patterns with a better fit and a customised pattern generator. For this reason I took the free Janne dress offline. If you do like the design, you might like the Quokka sweater too.


Since this year I don’t follow a sewing class anymore. Really! I’ve followed classes for about 5 years, but now I had the feeling that I wanted to try something new. Last summer I was knitting like crazy (I love to take knitting projects with me on holiday) so I looked for a knitting course and I found one really near to my place.

One of my personal goals was to learn new technique on the one hand, but I also wanted to draft my first knitting pattern. Just to see if I would be capable of doing so. I made a dress design and I just started knitting. Actually it went really well. Knitting patterns are not that difficult to understand. Yes! It felt like a personal achievement when the Janne dress was born.

The Janne knitting pattern is a dress with a kangaroo pocket. You can choose long or short sleeves to enjoy this pattern the whole year round. 

I knitted this Janne dress with 3 threads of the Startdust yarn from Scheepjes that I got from Framalo. It’s a mix of mohair, wool, acryl and is has a metallic touch. Just enough bling to make this yarn a tad more special! If you want to try this wool yourself, I have good news for you: Framalo is offering a 15% discount on the Stardust range till the 1st of June. Just use the code ‘compagniem’ at checkout.

If you think that knitting this project will take loads of time, I have great news for you: I knitted this dress with needle size 10! This means that I could finish it in only one week and no… I’m not a fast knitter…

I wrote down the pattern (for myself) but then Anke asked if she could try it too. So she tested my pattern and as a beginner she really understood what I wrote down. Hooray!

I don’t use the common abbreviations in my pattern as I think it’s not that easy to understand as a beginner. I used quiet some text but I think this way it’s more understandable. At least I hope so.

And since I have the pattern anyway, I would love to share it with you! It’s only available for 6 year old girls (you know my sizing chart, don’t you?) but when you are interested in more sizes, I might add more in the future. Who knows? I don’t promise anything. I noticed lately that the combination of sewing AND knitting makes me tired. I needed to exercise more. So at the moment I don’t feel like knitting… In stead I’m following a swimming and dancing course and I love it!

The pattern is for free and you can find the pattern in our shop. Just click here to get redirected! If you use the pattern, make sure to use the #jannedress tag! Enjoy knitting!!! It’s the perfect project to take with you on holiday this summer…

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