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The Julia dress for women + free tutorial + free new pattern piece!

By 17/03/2016Blog

This Julia dress made me jealous from the moment I’d sewn it. So afterwards I decided to make this tutorial available for women too! Not only the tutorial is new, I also added a new pattern piece. All for free. Just because it’s so easy and the result is a completely new Compagnie M. pattern. Who doesn’t like quick and comfy projects? ;)



Looking back at my Instagram account (follow me if you like sneak previews of my projects) I can tell you that I’ve sewn this dress 9 weeks ago. Oops! I made you wait too long for this tutorial. Sorry!



In fact the tutorial is almost the same as the small version. I only needed to draw the new pattern pieces and get the chance to take these pictures.



In fact this Julia dress is a shorter version of the Julia sweater. I added a waistband with straps and an A-line skirt. That’s it! Super easy, especially since you can download the new pattern pieces for free (end of this blogpost!).



I got the fabric from Hotstof. One that I kept aside specially for this project. I hope I don’t look to much like a dalmatian? The dress almost reminds me of this cute dog… The black fabric was a left over from the other Julia dress. A Nosh organics fabric. The black ‘flamé’ is just a tad more special than a regular solid jersey.

Hope you feel like sewing your own Julia dress? These are the files you need:

The files for the mini version can be found in this blogpost. Enjoy sewing!

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