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The Julia… dress!

Sorry guys: still working on the Julia pattern. Hope you don’t get bored!  No sweater nor t-shirt this time but a dress! So easy to convert this pattern to a dress, so why not add this option to the pattern? I love this dress a lot and to be honest, I couldn’t hardly wait to show you this one. From the moment Nore saw this dress, she kept asking to put it on! And when I tried it for the first time, it seemed to fit perfectly! What a relief….

Compagnie-M_Julia_dress_collar 4          Compagnie-M_Julia_dress_collar 3

Besides the circular skirt option, I also added an asymmetrical collar! It’s such an easy & stylish collar at the same time.

Compagnie-M_Julia_dress_collar 5          Compagnie-M_Julia_dress_collar 8

I’m pretty sure now that I will draw this Julia pattern for women as well. So strange! Always thought I would stick to kid’s clothes patterns, but this is the perfect pattern for me to push boundaries and draw for women as well.

Compagnie-M_Julia_dress_collar 6          Compagnie-M_Julia_dress_collar 9

I hope to find some time to sew this dress for myself now. But I still have one last idea / option in my mind. This Julia pattern seems to be a never ending story! It’s so versatile! At the end I will have the sweater/ buttons option, the sweater / pocket option, the basic t-shirt option, the circular skirt / dress option and … To be continued….

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