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The Julia sweater: pattern tour day 4


I think Anke is one of the first persons that started following Compagnie M. Her feedback is always heart-warming and I have the impression that she is a really sweet person! When I received her entry pictures for the pattern tour, I was happy to see that she changed the collar on het Julia sweater. But I had mixed feelings, because the quality of the pictures was a little bit poor. As a pattern tour is about inspiring and I’m a very honest person, I asked Anke to participate to the tour, but also to reshoot her Julia sweater. It took me a long time to write that email because I absolutely didn’t want to sound offensive, but I just wanted to give her this opportunity and help her! After seeing the result of her second photo shoot I was so happy! Her new pictures are great! Thanks a lot Anke for participating and the second photo shoot!


From the moment I heard of “The Pattern tour by You”, I started thinking of making a flipped sweater with the Julia pattern. Not an easy task, because the possibilities included in the pattern seem already endless. I started from the basic sweater version, added a peter pan collar and a contrasting path at the shoulders.

Compagnie M_Julia_sweater_pattern tour_Anke 1
Compagnie M_Julia_sweater_pattern tour_Anke 2

When Marte asked me to try to make more pictures, first I made also some new red pants and then we made a long walk. We had a great time! I think the pictures  speak for themselves!. Anoek really likes her new outfit!

Compagnie M_Julia_sweater_pattern tour_Anke 4
Compagnie M_Julia_sweater_pattern tour_Anke 3

I also made a second Julia sweater. Today you can read a blogpost on my blog…

Compagnie M_Julia_sweater_pattern tour_Anke


Thanks again Anke for participating! If anyone wants to add a peter pan collar, you can use the instructions of the asymmetrical collar and just round the corners. You can make an overlap at the front like Anke did or you make the collar 1cm shorter. This way you end up with a regular peter pan collar. I really love this result! I might consider about trying this collar myself and adding it to the pattern. A small extra tutorial would be enough to add this extra option!

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