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The Julia sweater : pattern tour day 7


This is today’s Julia sweater made by Mieke Jansen, what a beauty! I think her girl is ready for the nice weather ! Also have a look at her blog for her other creations.. Thanks Mieke!

Mieke Jansen

A win-win In my search for a comfortable summer dress fabric for myself, I stumbled across a gorgeous soft knit fabric from Liandlo at Liesellove . I envisioned myself at the seaside, barefoot, having a cocktail, wearing that dress. But when Compagnie M released her superb Julia sweater pattern, I found myself torn between selfishly keeping this fabric all to myself, or – as a mum usually does – sacrificing it to make this sweater for one of my daughters.


Still in doubt – aren’t fabric choices the hardest part in the whole sewing process – I stumbled across a piece of organic cotton jersey in the back of my stash (Froy and Dind , from Ella & Basiel ), which colours matched perfectly with the Liandlo fabric .


And there it was, the solution! By combining both, my daughter could have her sweater and I would have enough fabric left to make that summer dress. That’s a win-win!
I truly love the pattern. Sizing is perfect, the directions are straightforward and assembling is quick, as most of it can be done with a serger. I chose the option with a tunnel pocket for this one, and to be honest, I did have a little bit of difficulty to serge the inside corners. Doubtlessly, this has to do with my limited serging skills, but if you are like me, I would suggest using a regular sewing machine for that part.


Because the back consists of the same fabric, I found it a bit too complicating – or should I say I am a bit too lazy – to first cut it into three pieces and then reassemble it trying to match the pattern. You can just as well assemble the front (with tunnel pocket), cut the back in one piece and then follow the directions for the simple version.


My daughter loves her sweater, and I love how using other fabrics for front and back make this into a unique piece. Because of the different collar options, pocket options and pattern pieces this pattern is so versatile, and ideas constantly keep on popping.
On my blog you can read about a totally different version I made for my other daughter – being a mum after all, is not only about sacrifice, oh no, you also have to keep all of your children satisfied.

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