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The ‘Learning Louisa’

Hello! I am Soumya from a little paper boat. I learnt to sew exactly 6 months ago…from the internet! And now I am participating in my first ever sewing contest! I am so grateful for this opportunity…thank you Marte!

This Louisa is the first ‘dress’ I have made for my little girl. It’s also the first time that I ever worked with a zipper, an invisible one at that! Of course, I am also very happy that I was able to fully line the dress – another first!
So this was my ‘Learning Louisa’ actually! :)

I think the Louisa is ‘the’ perfect pattern for kids – simple, comfortable, playful and cute! So I wanted a fabric that would complement these qualities too! The ‘lemon drop’ print from Rae’s Small World collection was a perfect match! It’s so bright, cheerful and cute – just like my, rather any preschooler!
And a Louisa in corduroy would be perfect for fall, which is this time of the year!

As my Louisa turned out a little short, I found a nice pair of yellow corduroy pants from Gap to go with it. Happy accident! It now makes such a great outfit!
But most importantly, my little girl LOVES it! Wears it every week! She even talks to it, like a friend! Haven’t seen this happen with any other dress! Well, what can I say, you had her at Louisa :)

You can read more of my Lemony Louisa story here :) Thank you!

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