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The leather sweater that almost drowned!

By 15/10/2015Blog

Since Vicky (from Balls & Needles) was so kind to sponsor a handmade knitted Jacqueline vest for the contest I wanted to sew something for her daughter. ‘She never wear dresses’ she said. The Julia sweater would have been too obvious (and she already owns the patterns) so I thought of making my very first Leather Sweater (pattern from the Belgian sewing magazine La Maison Victor). After mailing back and forward with pictures of fabrics from my personal stash, her daughter choose this glitter sweater. A choice that would make my daughters really jealous! In combination with a smal piece of fabric from Jodevisscher, it looks really similar to a real leather sweater!

Compagnie-M_leather_sweater 5

Compagnie-M_leather_sweater 2

Compagnie-M_leather_sweater 3

So one day we were heading towards a pontoon to take pictures of these dresses and the sweater should have been the easy project in between. Or something like that…

Compagnie-M_leather_sweater 1

Compagnie-M_leather_sweater 7

Compagnie-M_leather_sweater 8

But as we were having a great time taking pictures of Nore’s Louisa, the wind blew the sweater into the water. AAAAArrrrrrggggghhhhhh! With Nore freaking out, me trying to calm her and screaming at Bjorn to grab a branch as soon as possible, the sweater floated away. My gosh! As I was saying to Nore ‘I can easily make a new one’, I was in fact thinking about where to buy exactly the same fabric and getting worried that I had so many other things to do. Bjorn in the meanwhile ran to the other side of the little lake. About 15 minutes (and some grey hairs) later, the sweater arrived on the other side. What a relief! Bjorn professionally caught the sweater and 10 minutes later we kind of forgot what had happened. Back to playing with the fishes in the water…

Compagnie-M_leather_sweater 9

Compagnie-M_leather_sweater 10

Compagnie-M_leather_sweater 4

Compagnie-M_leather_sweater 6

Compagnie-M_leather_sweater 11

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