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The Lotta dress pattern tour: while she was sleeping

Hi guys. My name is Jenya. I am a sewaholic and I blog over at While she was sleeping. I am super excited to be chatting with you about Marte’s latest pattern. I am a fan of Marte’s. She makes gorgeous things, designs wonderful patterns, and is an absolute delight to get to know.

To date, I have used two of Marte’s patterns – the Mara blouse and the Louisa dress.

Compagnie-M_Lotta_dress_whileshewassleeping 3
Compagnie-M_Lotta_dress_whileshewassleeping 2
Compagnie-M_Lotta_dress_whileshewassleeping 1

I had a pleasure of sewing the Lotta dress for this tour. It is getting cold in my corner of the world, so I opted for corduroy fabric. Even when Little Monkey was a baby she loved birds, so when I saw this fabric I had to buy it! I could have said it sat on my shelf for over a year, but it would not be strictly correct. It was dragged and carried and hidden by Little Monkey. For ages when I asked her to pick fabric for the next project, she kept on pointing at this fabric. So earlier this week I finally made a dress from the fabric my daughter has been requesting for ages.

Compagnie-M_Lotta_dress_whileshewassleeping 4
Compagnie-M_Lotta_dress_whileshewassleeping 5
Compagnie-M_Lotta_dress_whileshewassleeping 6

If you have used any of Marte’s patterns you know that the fit is spot on and the instructions are crystal clear. Marte also provides plenty of options which means the same pattern can be used several times to achieve different looks. For example the Lotta dress has the cutest faux cap sleeves but sleeve pieces from the Louisa dress or Mara blouse are completely interchangeable. I was originally going to make a long sleeve dress using the Louisa dress sleeve pattern pieces, but this made the dress look too busy. I took them out and made a sleeveless dress instead.

Compagnie-M_Lotta_dress_whileshewassleeping 7
Compagnie-M_Lotta_dress_whileshewassleeping 8
Compagnie-M_Lotta_dress_whileshewassleeping 9

I wasn’t a fan of this dress to begin with.  Maybe because the dress ended up looking different to what I originally planned.  That was until Little Money put it on. Isn’t it amazing how different an outfit looks on a real person as oppose to a coat hanger? I can now sincerely say I love Little Monkey’s Lotta dress. Seriously, how cute does she look!

Compagnie-M_Lotta_dress_whileshewassleeping 10
Compagnie-M_Lotta_dress_whileshewassleeping 11
Compagnie-M_Lotta_dress_whileshewassleeping 12

The Lotta dress pattern offers a few different pocket options – in-seam, patch or diagonal. I opted for diagonal pockets so Little Monkey can take a few of her favourite toy cars anywhere we go. In fact, an outfit is not good enough for her unless there are pockets or buttons on it, preferably both. Ta-da! Self covered buttons. Yes, they have received a big tick of approval from Little Monkey! The pattern also offers an option of a blind zipper closure or buttons and loops. So many options! Gotta love it! I make most of Little Monkey’s clothes. She wears them anywhere from birthdays parties to childcare and playgrounds. Apart from looking cute she has to be comfortable to jump, run, play, climb… or ride a bike through puddles!

I have a feeling Little Monkey will be seen in her Lotta dress often this winter! Thank you Marte for creating yet another wonderful pattern and for extending an invitation to participate in the blog tour to me.


Your Little Monkey looks super cute in her Lotta dress. Nice to know that I kind of helped you to finally use her favourite fabric! It looks great!


You can buy the Lotta dress pattern in MY SHOP for only 7 euro. During the pattern tour, you’ll get a 10% discount with this code: LAUNCH-LOTTA.

You can also win a free copy of the pattern on Jenya’s blog!

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