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Beside sweaters, you can of course also make t-shirts with the new Julia pattern. A lot of t-shirts actually! This is such an easy but rewarding pattern. I love making Julia’s myself already. I have a couple of more options I would like to show you, but this is a basic t-shirt version.  Hope you will not get bored with all my experiments. I just want to get this patterns perfect.

This fabric is again from I’m so lucky that Katelijne opened this new shop just now! All these Fragile fabrics are perfect! I love them. Just a pity that every time I show you a fabrics, it’s already sold out… But I already noticed some new fabrics I just need to buy!

The sun was shining during our photo shoot and Lisa was very cooperative as well. I think she’s very cute in her new t-shirt. Actually I’m even jealous… This one would suit me as well, I guess! To be continued…

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