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Mix & Match: Louisa dress bottom half, Julia sweater top half, Ileana collar with added buttons to match the Louisa part.

I was thinking and thinking about this pattern, it kept me up at night how I could make the perfect dress for my girl. She loves the comfort of the Julia sweater sleeves, but she’s also a real girlie girl that loves dresses. She’s stubborn and tough, so it couldn’t be too princessy, a little toughness was needed here as well.

So I got the idea to combine Julia with Louisa, but with a twist. I actually made the Louisa part without the pockets because this girl loves handbags. A nice sweater fabric makes sure that she won’t be cold, I love the facts that they had the same fabric in two different versions. The purple paspel along the Louisa bottom gives it the perfect touch of uniqueness :) Then the tough but cute part, that was a job for the peter pan collar from the Ileana. I added 4 glittery buttons to the dress, 2 on the Louisa part and 2 on the collar to match them.

I absolutely love the result, Anna wasn’t home while making it, so I guessed the length a bit :)

When my girl got home, she loved it, she wouldn’t give it back anymore. So she had to try it on right away…and it stayed on all night until bedtime. It’s a little bit to big still, but that’s good for winter with a nice pair of tights.

All in all a lovely dress, definitely gonna make this one again :)


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  • Compagnie M. says:

    How great that you’ve combined several of my patterns! Never ever thought myself of combining the Julia and Louisa like this. Thanks for the inspiration!

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