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The Minis!

By 09/03/2015Blog

The minis: a small adventure when it comes to sewing skills! When Plush addict became a Compagnie M. patterns stockist they asked me whether I would be interested in sewing with some of their fabrics. Although they have a very big collection of dressmaking fabrics, for the me the choice was easily made. I’m in love with this fabric range by Dashwood studio. Never ordered a bundle before, but since I wanted to make mini versions of all my patterns, I had to try this one!


When the fabrics arrived, I felt like I had to start sewing straight away. Lisa and Nore were as excited as me. Every time they went to bed, they asked me: what will you be sewing for my doll tonight? I spent 3 evenings, drawing little patterns and sewing. For only 4 Minis! ;)


Sewing mini versions of my patterns is rather challenging! It’s far more difficult to make perfect shirring lines when they are only about 3mm apart from each other. And then I’m not even mentioning the mini pin tucks from the Mara blouse. Making gatherings is maybe the most stressful part. But I did it and Lisa and Nore are super happy with the new doll clothes. By the time I wanted to take pictures, I couldn’t find the Mara blouse anymore. :( I’m sure it’s here somewhere! But they are really mini.


Thanks a lot Plush Addict and Dashwood fabrics for the great bundle! I want to turn all my patterns into Minis, but first I want to focus on my new pattern! It will be a pattern for women. A pattern that no one expects or asked for! I know, I didn’t listen to you; Sorry! But I do think you will like my new secret project.  :)


Hop over to Plush Addict to have a close look at their collection of fabrics and haberdashery! They’ve recently won an award of best online retailer. Respect! With the code COMPAGNIEM10 you receive a 10% discount on your order till the 31st of March. Plush addict recently changed the shipping costs for our region to only 13 pounds (Belgium, France, The Netherlands, Germany,…). So what are you waiting for? ;)

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