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The Nore contest: the winners!

By 31/05/2017Blog

The Nore contest in cooperation with Nosh was a big success! You can see al the creations on the聽contest page. It’s always the icing on the cake for a pattern designer to see that both mums and kids love the new dresses. Yes! Thanks for all your enthusiasm. I think every participant has won something: a beautiful dress / T-shirt and a happy kid!

Nosh selected a top 10 and after putting this list next to mine, we had an overlap. 5 creations were selected twice so we ended up with a top 15!!! I let Lisa pick the winners randomly. I think it’s always so difficult to compare one creation you like with another one, so this seemed like a fair way to select the winners.

15 potential winners in one box! Lisa threw the gift ribbons in the air, and the once that fell next the box, were out. Easy right. She loved the idea. Since my camera is being repaired, I had to use my iPhone for the pictures. :(

After dropping the ribbons several times, we had 5 winners left!

Here are the names! Blurry but perfect…

Made by Larth




Die Drahtzieherin

I would love to thank everyone for participating and Nosh for sponsoring the contest. The winners will receive an Instagram message!

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