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The Nore dress as a t-shirt!

By 16/04/2017Blog

Maybe it’s not correct to present my new pattern as the Nore dress. You can perfectly use the Nore pattern for quick t-shirts too. This version is an ‘all the way’ example sewn with two other Nosh fabrics. If you’ve been following my blog for a while you know that I love the flamé knits in their collection. This time I combined it with the pink dots fabric from the new collection. I only recently found out that this color is always a good choice for my girls. I think it suits them really well!

For this Nore t-shirt I used the long sleeve option. Instead of adding cuffs, you add a long sleeve. Simple as that! Can you imagine the color block options of this new pattern? I will show you my interpretation soon. From the moment I get the chance to take beautiful pictures!

In comparison to the dress, on this t-shirt the difference in height between the front and the back is bigger. For a dress it just didn’t work out. Or I ended up with a dress that was way too short at the front or the dress that was too long at the back. So I changed the difference in height for the dress but not for the t-shirt. I loved it the way it is.

In the pattern I’ll include a short tutorial on how to change the dress to this t-shirt. Actually it’s just a matter of shorting the dress. In the instructions I’ll add a table with the difference in height. I left the original curved side seam as It was, but if course you can also make it vertical. That’s what some of the pattern testers did.

I took these pictures in Italy again. Can you see that I’ve put Nore (my girl) in front of an ugly container? Yes I did. While walking to the sanitary block in the morning, I just loved the rays of light shining thought the trees on the campsite, right onto the petrol blue container. An ugly object turned into the perfect background to present my new pattern. I love the contrast with the top and with the rusty parts.

I took my camera, asked Nore if she wanted to take pictures and we had a great time together. At the end she asked if she could climb onto the container (no I don’t have girly girls!) and I love the result. I think the pictures look so powerful.

I love it when this magic happens. The kids come up with an idea, I keep on taking pictures and we are both so happy in the end. Nore because she ended up being dirty, me because of the beautiful pictures for this blogpost. I hope you enjoyed them!

The pattern will be released on the 24th of April in Dutch, English and German! That’s the advantage of finishing a pattern before I go on holiday. And probably I’ll start working on the teens / women version soon. Would you sew a Nore dress or t-shirt for yourself?

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