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The Nore dress for teens & women

By 23/06/2017Blog

You’ve been asking for it from the moment I showed my first preview of the Nore dress & T-shirt pattern for girls. If I could please please please draft this pattern for women too. Well.. actually I already knew I would make this big sister before I even started sewing my first small Nore dress.

Because I’m also working on a first book project, it just took a little bit more time than expected. But there’s one thing I can assure you already. Drafting this pattern was a huge assignment as the Nore dress for teens & women includes even more options than the kids version. Really! I will show you all the details the coming week. So I hope you are ready for some Nore spam? On the 28th of June the pattern will be launched.

I know, it’s hard to believe and I kind of did try to avoid it BUT… my first dress is sewn with Nosh organic fabrics. Oops! It’s the first and last one. For now…

This first Nore dress is actually just the same as the kids pattern. I only changed the neckline. The pattern for women includes 3 neckline options: the basic neckline, the deep one (like you see here) and a wide one.

I choose the front panel with inserts but skipped the pockets. At the back I wanted to test the split back option. Approved!

The fabric I used is the Nosh blue denim sweatshirting. The drape is maybe not 100% perfect for the pattern, but I love the result anyway. Even for me it’s always an experiment to match a fabric with my patterns when I try them the first time…

For the dark parts I used the right side of the fabric, for the light blue pieces the wrong side. I did this before and I’ll surely do it again. This also saves you some money as you can work with inserts without having to buy two fabrics. Great advantage, right?

The Nore dress was sewn a couple of weeks ago, but only today it was the perfect day (not too hot!) to go outside and take some pictures. Thanks Bjorn for this great job. We went to theĀ beguinage at Lier. What a relaxed place to take soms snaps. I hope you like both the dress and the pictures? See you soon!

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