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The Nore dress pattern tour!

By 02/05/2017Blog

Today I’m sharing a final overview of the Nore dress and T-shirt pattern tour with you. I’m so excited about your creations. Really! The Nore seems to be a pattern that bring out the best in you.

How did you experience this new way of working? Do you prefer the ‘classical tour’ or this new Instagram sharing idea? Let me know! This way I can improve my way of working in the future.

You can click the images below to get redirected. I would like to thank my testers and tour participants. THANKS for your support and help. I truly appreciate it.

By the way: Don’t forget to check the contest page too! At the moment 39 Nore creations have been shared. You can still participate for about 2 weeks so make sure to sew a Nore dress or two and get the chance to win an amazing prize!

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