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The Nore: let’s colour block!

By 24/04/2017Blog

While I’m preparing the pattern launch of the Nore dress, I prefer to write a seperate blogpost about my last Nore first. When I got my hands on several solid jersey Nosh fabrics, I just loved this colour combination a lot.

Do you sometimes have this feeling that you know in advance that a fabric combination will work? I thought and hoped that these 3 colour would match well. At one side I uses the pink fabric on the other side the camel one. To make this option, I used the split back BUT I also cut the top part in two pieces. This way I love the mix of the three colours!

This way the dress has the same front as this one BUT the back is totally different. Yet another option. ;)

For the first time I straightened the hem. It makes it a bit easier to hem and gives a slightly different look.

Even though I gave the dress a good press before the photoshoot, I couldn’t prevent the dress from being wrinkled. I think it’s a pity, but that’s just how it goes when you use solid colour. Every details shows…

Now we’ll keep you waiting just a little longer. Bjorn will publish the pattern later today. He’s not at home at the moment… So first drool a little bit more and your patience will be rewarded this evening.

Enjoy your day in the meanwhile. ‘Speak’ to you soon!

To finish my last blogpost I would love to thank Nosh for sponsoring all the fabrics for the pattern launch. Everything I wrote about the fabrics was my honest opinion! I love Nosh fabrics so I’m glad they will sponsor a mini contest that I will launch later this week. Stay tuned!!!

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