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This May my eldest daughter did her 1st communion and her dress wishes were very specific: naked back with corsetlike closure, a collar, a princess skirt and puffed sleeves.

For me it sounded like something to put in the dress-up chest so after some negotiation I convinced her of a princess version of the Lotta dress.
This is the test version I made to determine the right size and to see how the pattern changes would turn out. I used the Lotta bodice normal sleeves as base. I divided the back in 3 parts and cut out a part of the middle part so it would be big enough for her head to pass and to meet the naked-back-wish. In the real version there would come corsetlike ribbons in that middle part which I now changed for paspel and a little bow to make the dress more wearable for daily use.
I added the butterfly sleeve pattern of the Mara blouse on which I drew an extra part to turn over so the detail of the split yoke came back in the sleeves and added a tiny bow underneath the button. For the skirt I omitted the pockets since I wanted a more festive look but I liked the idea of the yoke detail of the bodice returning in the skirt so I experimented with the bottom. I divided it in 3 equal parts and added an extra piece wich is folded in a way it looks like the collarlike yoke.
The dress is somewhat less gathered than it should be (due to lack of fabric) and turned out somewhat too big, but my daughter was happy with it and wears it a lot, although she did demand an exact copy of her drawn wishdress for the real festivity :)

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  • Compagnie M. says:

    Dat dit een prinsessen Lotta is, dat is overduidelijk! Je dochter straalt!!! Terecht! Ik ben heel erg fan van die rug trouwens. Heel leuk gedaan!

    • Anse says:

      Bedankt! Hannah was in de wolken tijdens de shoot. Zeker om te poseren voor ‘op het internet’ want dat maakt haar op slag beroemd :-)

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