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The rascal Louisa dress for my rascal little monkey

I have 2 daughters: the oldest one just turned 6 and the other one is nearly 4. The wardrobe of my youngest is always bulging with clothes, while my eldest has an empty one; a phenomenon of which I’m sure many of you will recognize. But now the birthday of my little girl is coming up and it has been way too long since I’ve sewn something for her, I decided it was time to make her a new dress. When I saw the Louisa dress I knew which one. That dress has such a high rascal level that it looks like it was designed especially for her! The fact that I can enter it in a competition was a welcome bonus. But what to do with that twist??? I like the version with the inserts so much, that I didn’t want to change anything. So I chose my fabric: the mushrooms for the outside and a contrasting color for the inserts.  When I started cutting, an idea popped in my mind: why not use 2 different colors for the side panels? Later, whilst sewing, another idea popped through my mind. I thought; let’s make a (neither) summer- (nor) winter dress, a bit like the weather at the moment. So there is a short sleeve on the bright side and a ¾ sleeve on the darker, wintry side. The summer-winter version is my twist for the contest and the long-promised rascal dress for my little monkey. She’s so happy with her new dress, that it feels like I’ve already won. And that’s what matters, no?

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