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The reversible Frederique dress

By 09/02/2017Blog

When I showed my first Frederique dress to Bjorn, he replied: And? Is it reversible? I was so proud of my dress and that was all he had to say? No it wasn’t reversible. :(

So I went back upstairs, making plans for an extra option: a reversible Frederique. Why not. Having two dresses at once is such a great idea. Depending on your mood, the weather, … You can just turn around the dress. Is it stained during the day? Another good reason to just turn it around and keep on wearing your favourite dress. ;)

So I had a good look at my fabric stash and I found two beauties that matched perfectly. For the outside (or inside?) I choose one of my favourite Cloud9 fabrics. I bought this one at Bobby Sewing. Without having a specific project in mind for this fabric. It was just too beautiful not to buy….

When Nina came to Belgium in January we visited ‘in den beer’ together. That’s where I bought the contrasting light blue fabric.

I could have used pink or yellow straps. And I must say, if you let me choose, I will always pick yellow. Bjorn always reminds me of this and it’s true. But since I already used pink for the first dress, I dared to use yellow once more. And actually I’m happy I did. The contrast with both fabrics is just perfect according to me. And I must admit it: this way the dress even matches our interior. Oops! (I didn’t style our living room for these pictures. This is how it’s always. I love the ‘blue’ section on ur shelve about our couch a lot!)

To make the Frederique reversible, you sew two sleeveless versions and assemble them afterwards. Because of the beautiful print, I skipped all the details like princess seams, round pockets and I even took out the seam at the waist. Just by taping the bodice and skirt pattern pieces together. Easy!

But no Compagnie M. dresses without pockets, so I added two patch pockets. A big one on the outside, a small one on the inside. This way you can refer to the other fabric by making pockets. I love small details like this a lot.

Lisa is so happy with this Fredrique. She wore it after the photoshoot but afterwards put it away in my sewing room again. She wants to wear it this Saturday. On her birthday. How cute she was: taking care of the new precious dress!

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