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the Scuba Susanne and a workshop!

I never worked with scuba before. Don’t ask me why, because I love my  first scuba experience. What I like so much about this material? The fact that you can just cut it without having to finish the raw edges.



That’s why for this option I added a personal detail that is not included in the pattern. Something that you can easily copy if you want. I doubled the back panel and added a freestyle cut out in the top layer. You can cut any pattern you like. So do try to experiment with this amazing type of fabric! A small trick: use a rotary cutter for a beautiful result. :)



Since you don’t need to finish any edges, this is a faster than fast project. :)



For this Susanne I used a double layer scuba with two different type of blue. An amazing fabric that I bought at Bobby Sewing. Just like the fabric from the simple gathered skirt. That’s an easy peasy 30 minutes project. ;)



While taking these pictures in the park, Lisa got shy when people where walking by… I think she looks so cute like this. Typically Lisa!



Oh Scuba I love you so! I never ever ever gonna let you go! :) And do you want to sew a similar Susanne?  Then you can subscribe to a first workshop at Bobby Sewing on the 14th of March.  It’s planned on Monday evening from 7 – 10pm. You can find more info or subscribe here!

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