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The Susanne: by Sofie!

Blogpost by my contributor Sofie! Thanks a lot Sofie for the inspiration. My girls love to swim too and I truly hope that the swimming virus will catch them too! ;)


Hello everybody, yet another contributors week has arrived. Even though I knew it quite a while ago, I postponed this challenge actually since the very beginning (blush). From all the Compagnie M. patterns, the Susanne cardigan didn’t gave me instant butterflies as some other patterns did. Anyhow, I had some interesting things going on lately so I did have a lot of sleepless time to think the pattern over (and over and over).

As some of you know, my children are swimmers. The two oldest even swam very good this sports season. In September another round of trials start and Anaïs (my oldest daughter) asked a while ago for a swimrobe. During the trials we have to wait quite a while and very often she gets cold. The customary t-shirts just don’t always due for her. So, I imagined maybe I could use the Susanne pattern for a bathrobe of some sort.

In my secret fabric stash I found the most soft, most perfect fabric for Anaïs. If I could I added a piece of it in the blog so you all could feel just how soft it is. She’s not a pink lover at all, but likes some glamour nevertheless.

So, ready, set go… In all of my sewing life I don’t think I came across a faster piece to make than the Susanne. You could finish it in a blink of an eye. Nothing fancy in my options this time, but the result may be seen.

I added her name on the pockets and a quote on the back just to add some spunk to it.

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  • Ivy says:

    Ik heb hetzelfde stofje in zwart-wit tinten, ook gekocht om er een Susanne van te maken. Alleen zit er bij mij een foutje in, dus het wordt puzzelen om de korte versie eruit te krijgen. Maar inderdaad superzacht! Jouw dochter gaat er plezier aan beleven!

    • Sofie Devriendt says:

      Oei, dat is wel spijtig zeg :-( en valt het hard op?

      Heerlijk zacht hé deze stof :-)

  • Dorothée says:

    Supermooi! Ik hou héél erg van de lange versie, en die van jou is top!

  • isabelle says:

    Prachtig, Sofie!

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