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The Susanne story continues…

By 11/04/2016Blog

A couple of weeks ago I launched the Susanne. Since it’s a super quick project I’ve sewn more cardigans than I could already show you. So time to catch up with my work after a great holiday to Italy!



For this Susanne I was inspired by the split back Louisa dress for girls. In this dress the fabric from the pockets continues towards the back. To get this effect you simply split the back in two and add extra seam allowance at the sides that you will assemble in a later stage. Super easy!



This fabric is one of the last fabrics I bought in the ‘old Madeline store’. A great double face (very dens) knit fabric. It doesn’t unravel, so I didn’t finish the edges. :)



It’s the most basic Susanne I’ve sewn. The one I’ll surely wear often as it’s easy so combine with pretty much everything! Especially with my most favourite item ever: a pair of jeans. I’m a jeans lover. So whenever I can I wear jeans.


By the way: this jeans is a thrifted one! I made myself a promise not to buy anything new and actually it’s going great. It’s already April and I don’t have the feeling that it’s difficult not to buy anything new… I even hope to sew myself some underwear soon. Any tips for patterns or materials where I can buy bra making stuff?

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