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The Nore dress & T-shirt mini contest

By 26/04/2017Blog

As you noticed Nosh sponsored the launch of the Nore dress & T-shirt pattern. But I’m not the only one to benefit from their generosity! Nosh sponsors 5 vouchers each worth 55euro specially for you and that’s why a mini contest has just been launched. I’ll add 5 wallet project#17 kits (of your choice) and 25euro vouchers to the prize packs so I think it might be interesting to participate!

You can check the separate contest page or read everything in detail in this blogpost. Actually the challenge is rather straight forward: all you have to do is sew a Nore dress or T-shirt before the 19th of May! You are allowed to sew several projects or even hacks. As long as you enjoy sewing I’m ok with it!

When your creation is ready, you post it on Instagram. Add these tags to your project to be part of the contest: #noredresstshirt AND #compagniemnorecontest. This way your creation will be uploaded to our new Instagram account and will be displayed automatically to our contest page. Easy as that. You may of course share several images, but one tag is fine. This way I can keep a good overview.

If you don’t have an Instagram account yet, I can highly recommend you to create one. If you want to participate, but don’t want on Instagram account you are also allowed to send me one picture through email. You know where to find me, right?

On the 19th the contest ends and by the 24th we’ll know the winners. Nosh and I will both evaluate your work. On the contest page you can see the criteria.

You can follow the contest on the contest page or follow the new Instagram account. But most of all, I hope that you will participate!

Enjoy sewing!

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