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Too cute not to share!

By 05/09/2015Blog

Can you still remember my very first sewing contest? After mentioning on Facebook that I’ll be organising a 2nd one soon, Marleen (last year’s winner) has written a super cute blogpost. It’s in Dutch on her blog, but especially for me she has translated the text to English. How sweet of her!!


Do you remember this dress? I’ve sewn this Louisa for the very first Compagnie M. contest!


Most dresses I make for my girls are worn one season, and then they are tucked away for a while until they fit the next in line…  But not this one!


This one ended up in the playroom and appears from time to time…. winter, summer,… doesn’t matter. It’s an all-year-rounder!


However,… time to sew a new one I guess… and no better challenge than sewing a new outfit to participate in the second Compagnie M. sewing contest!


Curious? Continue reading for more details!


On the 1st of October we’ll celebrate our 2nd Compagnie M. Birthday. I hardly believe it myself. Have I been working on patterns for 2 years already? My goodness!! To celebrate this joyful event I’m preparing a 2nd Compagnie M. sewing contest. The details will follow soon, but like Marleen mentions: time to replace the old contest creations by new ones, don’t you think? Do you like contests? I’ll have several levels for different types of seamstresses: from beginners to more experienced. I hope you like amazing prizes too? Are you ready for a unique sewing challenge? Stay tuned!

PS/ if you have an online shop (sewing related or not) and feel like sponsoring my contest, just send me an email!

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  • Leentje says:

    Superschattig zo mini! Ons Janne heeft deze zomer ook nog vaak haar Marajurkje uit de blogtour van vorig jaar aangehad. Dat valt ondertussen ook behoorlijk mini :-)

  • Compagnie M. says:

    Oh zalig! Je kan die altijd nog een verlengen natuurlijk. Mooi stukje contrasterende stof en klaar! :)

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