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Van Leentje – Strawberries and mint for mara

Hi everyone! I’m Leentje. About a year ago Marte from Compagnie M released the first pattern in her meanwhile well-known – and loved– shop: the Mara blouse. Other patterns followed – and I don’t think any of them needs a lot of introduction anymore – but these days the Mara blouse gets the leading role. Together with 59 other participants to the Mara Blog tour, I’m most happy to place Mara in the spotlights ! I really enjoyed the blog tour so far, because every unique creation shows the versatilty of the pattern. Today it’s my turn to tell you about my Mara.
I loved the pattern from the start for its lovely details. The front yoke, the buttons, the different sleeve options… they all give this blouse that little extra. And yet, it isn’t hard to sew at all! When I found this Moda fabric, I knew that this was the perfect match form y daughter as well as for the pattern. Strawberries and mint make a very sweet – yet refreshing – summery top combination! My little lady shared my enthusiasm and gave me her instructions… “Oh, wow, you can definitely make me a dress in this fabric!”. Knowing that she mostly prefers pants, that’s quite a request! And that’s how our Mara became the blouse that could be a dress. Preferably one that can twirl just a little bit… That’s why I decided to add a gathered skirt to the blouse.
In my button stash I found three vintage buttons with the perfect colour and structure to match with the strawberries. I chose a yellow piping. Hard to see, but the yellow returns in the top of the strawberries.
Et voilà: Janne in her Mara dress.
She wore it on a little trip to Brussels where we found some nice places for a fotoshoot.
DSCF3698 DSCF3666 DSCF3741 DSCF3742 DSCF3744 DSCF3754
Enjoy the rest of the Mara Blog tour, and feel free to come over to my blog:

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  • lielebeesje says:

    Oh, ik ben fan van deze versie!

  • sosoabricot says:

    I wanted to leave a comment on your blog but i wasn’t able to choose the “name/URL” option so I’ll comment here… Your Mara is adorable in this strawberry fabric and the yellow piping and red buttons are perfect choices ! Such a great idea you had by making a dress but adding a skirt to the blouse length !

  • Kelly says:

    Beautiful! I love the strawberries! I am going to have to try and make a Mara dress like you did. Give the pattern just one more option. :)

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