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Wallet project #17: in love with cork leather! + a collaboration!

By 05/12/2016Blog

Wallet project #17 was born after your enthusiastic reactions and I’m glad you kind of pushed me to launch this pattern: it kind of forced me to try my own design in other types of materials. Like cork leather for example. A material that was introduced in Belgium by Mieke from K-bas!



This was my very first cork leather experience and I in love! The pattern stayed the same, the material changes the whole look. I don’t know which one I love most. This one or the Kraft-Tex wallet… so I think I’ll keep both to myself. Hihi!



At first I wanted to add a cut-out in the flap finishing on the inside, but in the end I didn’t. The back of this material is a woven (?) fabric and I think I might have screwed up the whole project. I’ll keep the idea in mind for my next one.



I did want to experiment with the front flap but only in a very subtle way. That’s why I used my pinking scissors to cut a simple zigzag edge. I will make more complex changes to my next version but I’m glad how this turned out.



Mieke and I combined the beautiful brown cork leather with a mustard zipper, golden magnetic snaps and I added my little label. I write WE because we will launch several ready-to-sew-packages together. On Thursday! Specially for you. When you buy a package on my or her website, you receive a complete set to make this Wallet project#17 yourself: the cork leather, a zipper, the snaps (which are sometimes difficult to find in the right color, size or thickness), coordinating thread, textile glue and of course the pattern! What do you think about that? I think it’s amazing news. For the first time since we launched Compagnie M. we will sell packages with materials. Something I look forward to!



This is actually the 2nd package as we will launch the natural Kraft-Tex option too. Which one do you prefer up till now? But you don’t have to make up your mind yet as we made 4 types of packages in total!

PS/ because of this extra surprise the launch of the pattern will be postponed till Thursday. But do keep an eye on my blog tomorrow as you will get the chance to will a pre-launch copy of the pattern.

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