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Wallet project #17: let’s colour block!

By 08/12/2016Blog

As you probably already know, I’m launching my wallet project#17 pattern later today. Probably that will happen somewhere in the evening. In the meanwhile I let you drool a little bit more. This wallet is sewn by Mieke with a new type of Kraft-Tex that just arrived this week. It’s only available in her shop since today. Check out her blog for some more info. This is what I remember by heart: In comparison to the naturalĀ one, you don’t have to let it soak a while before you start working. So actually it’s softer and more flexible. Also the texture is different. It’s more rough or should I see wrinkled. I don’t know which one I love more. Both I guess!



So when Mieke and I were discussion about the last pack we would make, we just couldn’t choose. Till I brought up the idea to combine the two last options in one wallet. Our colour block option was born. Yes!



After mailing back and forward, we agreed what colour should be used for which pattern piece and when Mieke send me a first preview picture I immediately fell in love.



As Mieke shows so beautifully this material is a perfect option for a cut-out. Isn’t her logo super cute on her wallet?


I took the pictures when we met again yesterday and after seeing the wallet in real life, I was even more amazed by the result. Thanks a lot Mieke for this beautiful wallet and for our little co-operation. If you like this wallet, please leave a sweet comment on Mieke’s blog. It’s her creation! Thanks!

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