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We’re getting closer!

Today I made a second test version of my sweater pattern. It was Jenya from While she was sleeping, that reminded me to add pockets! Of course: what as I thinking? A pattern without pockets in the Compagnie M. range? Impossible.

Besides pockets, I also changed the button at the top. Less is more! The pockets are integrated in an extra seam at the front. In fact it’s just one pocket. A tunnel. The perfect solution to keep your hands warm in wintertime! I didn’t topstitch the pockets, because I love the idea that you see the contrasting fabric like this.
I still need to change the neckline a little bit. Not perfect yet!
  • Compagnie-M_sweater_dolman_sleeves_pockets_2
  • Compagnie-M_sweater_dolman_sleeves_pockets_5 

  • And I swapped the single seam at the top of the sleeve to a double one, but I don’t like the result to be honest.

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