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Working on a new pattern: the Louisa wintercoat

By 21/09/2016Blog

Since the day I subscribed for my coat sewing course last year, I wanted to draw a coat for girls. It’s like the icing on the cake for every pattern designer. So after our long holiday I felt more than ready to tackle this one.



But then I started doubting… Should I draw a completely new coat or a Louisa one? These two pattern hacks by Lindsy and Katrien inspired me to have a small poll behind the scenes. And guess what: a Louisa coat it had to be.



So actually designing wise the assignment was getting easier for me. Although obviously I will add another personal touch. You will discover my extra twists in the next coats.



This coat is the basic version with a hidden zipper. I will add more options in the next ones. It’s a test version and I already made the fit a bit more tailored. And I took out the seam at the front flap. Stupid mistake, but that’s what test versions are for right? ;)



The pattern will not only include a lot of options but also a lot of technical tips to get a perfect result. After this project I had the feeling that I wanted to share my knowledge with you. Do you know what interfacing to add, where you should add it, how to get a perfect hem without topstitching, how to add lining,… Sewing a coat might sound difficult, but I’m sure that with my instructions every one that ever sewed a Louisa dress, will be able to make this coat as well. Hooray!



Since I was dreaming of this project for over a year, I collected a lot of beautiful coat fabrics. This one is a Jo De Visscher fabric. Actually it’s not a winter fabric but I added fleece as interfacing to make it warm enough. The floral fabric on the inside is a thrifted one. After sewing 4 versions already I realised that every Louisa coat has at least one thrifted fabric. For the outside or lining. I’m starting to get good at this. All her clothes including shoes and scarf are 2nd hand. Doesn’t she look great in her 2nd hand / handmade outfit?


Now I’m really curious to hear what you think of this project? Will you sew a Louisa coat this winter? I truly hope so!

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