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Zipper Ileana with Lotta details

My daughter has the age that she has to be able to dress herself at school and other club activities, a blind zipper in the back just doesn’t work for her. I therefore made a zipper Ileana. For the zipper part  I didn’t have to hack anything, I just cut the front on the fold and cut the circle skirt in three instead of two pieces. 

I love the little flaps on the Lotta, so I mixed those into the dress. For the pockets I had to hack the base of the pocket to be able to sew it into a circle skirt.

Due to the weather cooling here, I added long sleeves. The sleeves have the Mara’s length and Louisa shape, but I did make the sleeves narrower to the end (second part of the hack. 

If you are up for more pictures check out my blogpost http://www.inspinration.blogspot.nl/2015/10/compagnie-m-hack.html

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