Sewing contest winter 2014


Ever since I launched my first pattern, I’ve been dreaming of a Compagnie M. contest. I think it’s wonderful to see what you create with my patterns. With this contest, I would like to invite you to push boundaries! Pick a Compagnie M. pattern you like, create something unique with it and get a chance to win one of the 5 awesome prizes. Sounds like fun, right!?

The challenge

Sew your own interpretation of a Compagnie M. pattern (Louisa dress, Mara blouse, Swing or Stella skirt). When doing this, you can just follow the pattern but you are also allowed to modify a pattern in order to create something completely new. Just make sure that we can still spot elements of the original one! I make it sound like this is a contest for the more experienced sewers, but that’s absolutely not true. Just be original. You can experiment with special fabrics, with adding some details or you can play with colours,… Create something fun!

The timing

The contest starts now and you have until February 16th at midnight (CET timezone) to publish your creation on my blog.

The criteria

I don’t have a long list of criteria. I just hope to push you a little bit with this contest to create something original, something fun! Without having stress of course…


1st Prize



2nd Prize



3rd Prize



4th Prize



5th Prize



The jury

The jury consists of  4 belgian & american bloggers:

To keep this contest a fair challenge and since I know some belgian bloggers personally, I will not judge myself!

How will they evaluate your work ?

The jury will select a personal top 10 and rank these projects. Every member of the jury’s votes will count for 20%, so for 80% in total. The other 20% of the first selection will be decided by you. You can like a project by clicking on the heart icon linked to the blogpost you like. You can like as often as you want. At the end the top 5 will be taken into account.

How to participate

This contest is open to everyone! Doesn’t matter where you live or how experienced you are. Do you feel like participating with several projects? You can!

This is how you participate:

Create an account on this website:

  • Go to ‘My Account’ and create an account.

Send an email to to enter a project. Do you want to enter with several projects, then send us an email per project. This is what the email should contain:

  • E-mail subject: this will be the title of your blogpost
  • E-mail content: all the text in the email will appear in the blogpost. So don’t add any other type of information.
  • Attach 1 – 4 pictures to this email.

Send this email with the same email address you have registered.

Do you have a full blogpost about the project? Just add the link to your text!

After our approval, your project will appear in the contest’s blog! And then.. Get as much friends as possible to like your project! Social likes are counting for 25% of the votes. At the end of February the jury will decide who will win one of the 5 crazy prizes.

The prizes

1st prize

Myra’s work is hard to describe. So unique! She makes the cutest pictures ever of your precious kids! This first prize is a studio photo-shoot in her studio in Leuven (Belgium). With her colorful backgrounds and attributes, she makes pictures that make you smile! You create the outfit, she chooses the setting and together you can work towards some unforgettable snaps.  You will never forget this one-hour session, I’m sure!


2nd prize
  • The Fabric Stash: €50  voucher (fabrics, patterns or notions)
  • Georgette: €25 voucher (fabrics, patterns and notions)
  • De Bonte boom: €25 voucher (fabrics, patterns and notions)
  • Compagnie M. vintage button pack: 6 x 12 buttons from my personal collection
  • Imagine Gnats: $30 voucher ( fabrics and patterns)
3rd prize
4th prize
5th prize
  • Swoon: $20 voucher (patterns)
  • During 1 year you will receive all Compagnie M. patterns for free.