Wallet Project #17 – PDF Sewing Pattern

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Project #17 is a wallet pattern specially designed for fabrics that don’t unravel such as Kraft-Tex (or Snap Pap), cork leather or leather. This gives you the opportunity to experiment with the front flap. You can add a cut-out detail on the inside, cut fringes for a frivolous touch or change the shape of the front edge. Everything is possible! Combine this basic pattern with your own creativity and you have a unique and functional wallet in no time!

The sewing pattern is for the moment only available as a digital (pdf) version, the instructions are available in an English and Dutch version.


The PDF sewing pattern includes:
  • A wallet sewing pattern for a wallet with these finished dimensions: 17cm wide, 10,5cm high and 3cm thick
  • Extra details: instructions to add your own touch with cut-out details, fringes or new shapes at the front flap.
  • Tips and tricks to get a perfect result when working with Kraft-Tex, cork leather or leather.
The download files include:

– Detailed photo instructions (19 pages).
– A4 pattern WITH seam allowance included (4 pages)

The pattern is a useful tool to measure the positioning of all parts. To cut the fabrics, I advise you to work directly onto your fabrics using the dimensions in the instructions. This gives a more precise result.

Required materials

For the wallet:

  • Fabric / leather according to the measurements below:


Fabric width of 50cm: 60cm of fabric / leather

Fabric width of 110cm of more: 20cm


  • Zipper (small zipper teeth): 20cm or more
  • 2 magnetic snaps: 12 – 14mm diameter
  • Coordinating thread (double thread at the top: see tips & tricks!)

Tools / other materials:

  • Textile or leather glue
  • Fine brush
  • Wonder clips (no pins!)
  • Paper tape or Washi tape 1,5cm wide
  • Wonder tape (double sided tape)
  • Cutting mat
  • Cutter
  • Rotary cutter (optional)
  • Ruler

Quilt ruler (optional)

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