I wanted a winter coat for my son with “bells and whistles”. When entering this competition, I let my imagination run free! The first alteration I made was to change the pockets to classic “mittens on a string”. The mittens are the pockets and the string is sewn onto the front of the coat.

My son has a tendency to forget his scarf at school so I decided to attach it to the coat and sew it into the shoulder seams.

The hood and cuffs are embellished with embroidered snowflakes.

To finish everything I chose to run a string through the hood so it can be closed for those cold and rainy days. Bells were attached to the strings to give a nice Christmas-feel to the coat and make the child super easy to find on the playground. You can always hear him running!

More about the making of this coat will soon be available on my website: www.atelierparlee.be

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