When I saw the Louisa Coat pattern I immediately fell in love with it. I like everything about it: the pockets, the lines, the length, the options, … I already planned on making a winter coat for my daughters this year, so I knew it was going to be this one. I chose a gorgeous blue winter fabric with some glitter in it (from Mondepot), and combined with some fresh icy blue piping and ribbing. I chose  a very colourful and bright Art Gallery fabric as lining. I added a hole for the thumbs in the ribbing, one detail that my daughter loves the very most about this coat! I did struggle with making the coat, but I absolutely adore the result, and I think it looks great on my daughter :-) And the best part is that she’s very much in love with it herself!
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  • Compagnie M. says:

    Oh heel mooi! Die voering is prachtig. Dat is waar ik dus zo van hou bij jassen: mooie voeringen. Ik zou mijn meisjes hun jasjes soms beter binnenste buiten laten dragen. ;)

    • Barbara says:

      oh dankjewel zeg, wat een fijn compliment!! Ik ben daar zelf ook zot van, van mooie voeringen, dat maakt me altijd weer blij als die jas dan opengaat :-)

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